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Welcome to Bainbridge Computer Services

Twenty years ago, the word started to spread on Bainbridge Island that Bob was the guy to call when a computer went on the fritz. When each new client who called told us that their friends and neighbors had told them to "Call Bob!" the phrase seemed to be a natural for our business cards.

HelpBack then the majority of services provided consisted of salvaging data from crashed hard disks, system upgrades, and virus removal. Today folks call Bob at Bainbridge Computer Services to provide much more than just computer maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting. Call Bob to fulfill most any networking and computer systems needs no matter how complex.

Whether it’s Mac or Windows, a basic service or upgrade, computer repair, data recovery, infection removal, configuring a personal wireless network for your family in your home, or designing and implementing a robust networking or server solution for your business or nonprofit organization, we have the tools and expertise to do the job right.

Home or Office — Bainbridge Computer Services
The Right Way, Right Now

Whether it's home, home office, or business, our clients love Bob’s kindness and humor. He has a talent for putting people at ease; a reassuring way of being that takes the stress out of a computer glitch and lets them know that everything will be fine. They trust him to respond to their needs quickly and effectively with an understanding of their need to keep costs low. Getting the job done fast and supporting our clients emotional wellbeing is just the right way to do business.

Bob has a special relationship with nonprofits; he is committed to supporting the technology needs of more than a dozen Bainbridge Island and international organizations.

Call Bob Support

Do you have a software problem, networking issue, or need to learn how to accomplish a task? Bob can connect to your computer desktop remotely to diagnose and solve many problems and demonstrate applications right when you need the issue resolved.

Bainbridge Island Computer Repair
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Call us. Bainbridge Computer Services will support your needs in a variety of ways — at your site, by way of remote support, or over the phone — whichever will best serve you most cost effectively. We are extraordinarily committed to your success with technology.